Hi, my name is Jasmijn and I am a Digital Creative. 

I’ve built my career in a variety of roles and industries around the globe: in small and in big companies where I contributed in digital marketing, social media, data, communication, strategy and content creator. I graduated in BA Business Innovation and MA Digital Innovation at Hyper Island in Amsterdam. 

I've learnt to work independently with with various types of clients, to create and run effective teams, and developed leadership and project management skills. I've always been challenged to create solutions to real-world problems while practicing techniques in strategy, idea generation and user research. I have developed excellent organisation and communication skills. In addition, I am very flexible and responsive without losing an eye for detail.

My aim is to come up with big ideas - to come up with strong ideas that go a step further than others. I want to give people the WOW effect, the gut feeling. I want to create magic.

I do not give up easily, loves challenges and strive for creative perfection.

Digital Creative - Mediamonks - 2018/current
Board Member - RA*W University - 2018/current
Content Creator - Paul Warmer - 2017/2018
Digital Producer - Booreiland - 2017