EDCOm ad venture

Edcom (european institute for commercial communications education) has a yearly competition for students through whole Europe. They have to make a campaign for a current topic. This time the topic was binge-drinking. This campaign has to make young people aware of the consequences and reduce the number of binge-drinking accidents. We were the winners of the Advanced business creation study and selected for the european competition in Lisbon. 

Drink less
Campaign background & summary

Our concept arose from an interview with Novadic Kentron.

In the concept we have chosen to use 3 main interests. Thereby we will address to what young people really interests. We learned through the interview with Novadic Kentron what these interests are. They are sex, sports and looks. That's what they are occupied with everyday. Our trigger is "Drink less, better sex." Better sports and looks are there follow-ups.

Sexy men / women hand out promotional gifts to the audience, provide the attention and information dissemination. For each topic there are other promotion gifts. The audience can go on a picture with them. This will be Polaroid’s, with our informative text on the back. With that information, there will be links to our website and social media accounts.

After 3 months we will collaborate with different brands. This will be an important aspect in our campaign. By working with brands that already appeal to our audience, they will feel more connected with our campaign. This will be for example: "Drink less, just do it." (Nike) or drink less, because you're worth it. (L'oreal) Drink less, better sex. (Durex) Because the brands and our campaign both want to improve the physical performances of the audience, we are aligned.

This first half of the campaign will take 3 months and take place in different cities. Each city will contain all 3 themes.

We also want the figureheads of the brands to collaborate. Think about Doutzen Kroes, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova. We want to use them on posters, on the Polaroid photos and in promo videos.