RA*W is a network of young creative industry talent hungry for inspiration and knowledge. This time, RA*W organised a LAB in collaboration with Heineken. Heineken has launched 'Biertegoed' in 2016, an app with a saving system which let's customers save points when you buy several Heineken products. These points are exchangeable for a free beer in one of the 2000 incorporated pubs in the Netherlands. Heineken wants to raise awareness of 'Biertegoed' while generating more downloads with active users. It was our challenge to come up with three presentable concepts in 1,5 days time.


I had to work together with 4 strangers I just met at the briefing. This made it a real challenge to come up with three strong ideas as we did not know each others strengths and weaknesses. I took the role of producer on me; I recorded all ideas and strategies, led the brainstorm and kept the group in line towards the goal. We did not have a specific distribution in the team, we just went with the flow.


We came up with three ideas with each their own insights and strengths. One of these ideas turned out to be the winning concept out of 15 other, strong concepts. Because we had so little time to come up with a complete concept including design and copy, we only have our insights and rationale to support the concept. We specifically looked at the target group 35-45 years old, the B2C and B2B market and the customer journey towards 'Biertegoed'. 

*Winning concept* 25 beer in one crate


  • People have no physical activation at the time of purchase.

  • People have no direct stimulus to download the app and to use their 'Biertegoed' at moment of purchase.

  • People do not realize that they get an extra beer with their purchase.

  • People do not read packages, which derives the attention to the product itself and not to the 'Biertegoed' information.


With the purchase of every crate of beer, we give away a Heineken glass with the code for the Biertegoed printed on the bottom. With the glass we make the Biertegoed physical - every time you open your kitchen closet, you are reminded of the Biertegoed. This creates a continue trigger to download the app and to use your points.