Hyper island



For Hyper Island I had to use my creative problem solving skills combined with tech, data, and/or digital tools to contribute to an innovative solution that supports the integration of refugees around the world. Come up with an innovative solution that supports the integration of refugees around the world combined with tech, data, digital, business and/or marketing tools. 


While going through the problem finding phase I found out that a lot of refugees can't work because of their visa or lack of common (new) language - although they want to. I designed a foundation, called 'The Language of Food', which focussed on the language everyone speaks. 

  • Practical research
  • Ideation
  • Creating animation video's with voice over
  • Problem solving skills


The Language of Food

When you are a refugee, it’s very hard to integrate in the community. As a refugee, you don’t speak the common language and you aren’t aloud to work or go to school because you don’t have a visa. So what can you do to integrate? There is only one cultural barrier you can overcome and one language we all have in common, the language of FOOD. Everyone loves a good plate of food, and food festivals are popping up at every city in the country. So what can refugees do better than cook a meal from their culinary tradition, prepared in a food truck at a food festival so everyone is able to try the food from their home country and hear the stories behind it? Not only will they be able to learn about us, but also we will be able to learn about them, as a cultural exchange.

The language of food will be a foundation that hires refugees as volunteers. As a volunteer, the refugees will be able to work without a visa. We will work together with Pharos, an expertise centrum that matches refugees with volunteering-work and we will be using crowd funding to fund the food trucks.TLF will have a cost-recovery earning model to cover all the costs of the food, and we will work together will food festivals as ‘Eeterij op wielen’, ‘Food Truck Festival’ and ‘Food Festival’ to be at as many places as possible and meet with people to share our story.

Because we want our stories to be heard, we use digital platforms as Facebook and Instagram as our marketing tool. The smell or taste of food always reminds you of one particular moment in your life, for example the time you were with your grandma or to times when you were sick. We want to caption that moment of our refugees. We photograph the refugees with their meal, and share their memory, good or bad, with you. These photos with their stories will be shared on our social media platforms to engage fans with TLF and the refugees. The location of the next event will also be shared so people will know where to go to taste their food.

We are the language of food, and we integrate refugees with cultural exchange.